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Chinese liquid crystal display, data editing and intuitive input display
18 sets of dyeing programs, language prompt function
Automatic recognition function of environmental protection: automatic identification of harmful gas content, the software starts to eliminate odor gas function
About 30 minutes to complete each dyeing procedure
Automatic washing system, circulating water
Drying automatic temperature control system, any temperature setting, automatic temperature control
Special dyeing methods: The dyeing process can be started from any cylinder to the end of either cylinder
Staining rack is a special mold stamping molding, beautiful and practical

The main technical parameters
Instrument type: fully automatic dyeing
Sample Type: Histology, Pathology, Biology, Cytology, Frozen Sections
Production: 45 pieces/time
Total dyeing site: 18
Cylinder volume: 500ml
Staining site: 15
Automatic circulation washing station: 2
Automatic constant temperature drying station: 1
Number of programs: 18 programs
Incubation time: 59 minutes and 59 seconds per step, any setting
Reagent cylinder constant temperature station: 1 (optional)
Air Environmental Protection Automatic Identification Control System: The software automatically determines the harmful gas content, and automatically activates the activated carbon filter or smoke extraction pipe system
Voltage: 220VAC 50/60HZ
Volume: 1400×500×490(mm)

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