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RM 2255

◆ Lock lever reduction
  Clearer view of the slice area
◆ Safe smooth handwheel
  Ergonomically designed new handwheel handle. The traditional handwheel lock locks the sample at any height and the new handwheel lock locks the sample to the highest position. When hand-cutting, the handwheel can be locked in the center position.
◆ E knife holder
  The most widely used tool holder, adapts to both wide and narrow blades. In order to improve safety performance, the built-in hand guard covers the entire length of the blade and protects the user even when slicing.
◆ Integrated shell
   In addition to meeting the practical needs of the laboratory, it also incorporates ergonomic design, aesthetic elements, and ease of operation. The shell is made of special anti-corrosion materials, practical and convenient, clean and fast.
◆ Steady slicer chassis
  Using the latest technology and materials, the microtome chassis is very robust and stable, ensuring accurate slicing.
◆ Control board
   The tactile keys have a color difference, and the user can perform a touch operation. Attention can be focused on the slicing process and the acquisition of the slices. The tilt angle of the control panel is adjustable. It occupies a small area and can be placed on the left and right sides of the slicer.
◆ adequate storage space
  Built-in storage tray for easy tool storage. For low temperature placement of tissue blocks, cold plates with unique cooling elements are optional.
◆ Large built-in waste tank
Collect chip debris, waste tank passes on the host, and easy to remove.
◆ Accurate sample positioning
The new precision standard was set on the rotary slicing machine. Easily return the sample to position 0 according to the instructions and position it exactly 8° on the XY axis.
◆ Tool holder lateral movement
   The full blade length can be used without changing the tension setting. Three locations are preset according to the standard cassette size: left, center, and right for ease of use.

Mature technology:
● Laike's patented force compensation system
  The hand wheel is extremely smooth and smooth, especially when manually sliced.
● Accurate micron sampling system
  Accurate slicing from 0.5μm to 100μm with stepping motors and low-maintenance cross bearings.
● Powerful slice motor
  Enough to handle the hardest samples.
● Specially designed electronic system
  The operation of the instrument is very flexible, with accurate control of injection and slicing speed settings.
● Universal holder base
  Adapts all conventional tool holders of the LaikeRM22... series.
● Universal sample holder for manual operation
  The simplest way to support and replace samples.

RM2255 Performance:
● Compact structure, ergonomic design of the whole machine
● Ergonomically designed handwheel handle
● Smooth handwheel built-in safety quick lock
● Micro-mechanism
● Low maintenance cross bearings
● Two kinds of electric roughing speed
● The functions of slice and trim are interchangeable, and the control panel displays
● Cutting window to control the cutting speed and improve efficiency
● Automatic variable sample retraction, which changes according to the cutting speed
● Total slice thickness and slice count
● Humane control board
● Host built-in interactive display panel
● 0-position precision positioning system
● One-handed universal sample holder
● New knife holder design for red hand guard
● Accurate tool holder lateral movement function, preset stop position
● Large magnetic waste tank
● Extensive accessories

Technical Parameters:
● Slice thickness Setting range: 0.5 to 100 μm
   Set value: 0.5 ~ 5μm, progressive 0.5μm
                    5 to 20μm, progressive at 1μm
                    20 to 60μm, progressive 5μm
                    60 to 100μm, progressive at 10μm
● Patch thickness Setting range: 1~600μm
  Set values: 1 to 10μm, progressive 1μm
                     10 to 20μm, progressive at 2μm
                     20~50μm, progressive 5μm
                     50 to 100 μm, progressive at 10 μm
                     100 to 600μm, progressive 50μm
Sample injection: 28mm±1mm stepper motor injection
● Vertical distance: 70mm Slice method: 4 types
● Sample retraction: This function can be turned off
● Manual sectioning: 5~100μm, 5μm progressive, can turn off this function
● Electric slicing: change with the slicing speed, this function can be turned off
● Electric roughing: 300μm/s and 900μm/s
● Slice speed: 0.5-420mm/s±10%
● Frequency: 50/60Hz Power: 340VA
● Host size: width (including handwheel): 413mm
                   Deep (including waste slots): 618mm
                   High (including storage tray): 305mm
                   Net weight (without accessories): approximately 37kg
● Control board size: width x depth x height: 121mmx166mmx50mm
    Weight: about 0.66kg

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