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■ Fatigue-free operation
The position of the coarse wheel is closer to the operator, ergonomically designed and comfortable to use. The direction of rotation of the coarse wheel can be set according to your custom when ordering. The mechanical trimming function key is next to the coarse feed, and it is not necessary to rotate the coarse feed when repairing.
■ Safety section
The red arm guard built into the E holder covers the entire blade to ensure safety and avoid potential dangers even when slicing.
■ Convenient storage area
Storage trays are easily accessible at any time. Cold dishes can also be placed and stored on or alongside the microtome to store wax.
■ Ergonomics and user safety
The safety hand wheel has an ergonomically designed handle. A single-finger operated handwheel locks the sample head in place, facilitating the replacement of specimens and/or blades. The second hand wheel lock can lock the hand wheel in any position.
■ Patented force balance system
The RM2235's handwheel is extremely smooth because there is no counterweight, and the force generated in the slicing action is compensated by the spring in the force balance system. Easy to operate, excellent slicing results with uniform hand wheel rotation.
■ Large magnetic waste tank
The large waste bin collects the chips and is connected to the host by magnetic force for easy removal and cleaning.
■ Quick sectioning without sample orientation
When no sample positioning is required, a fixed sample holder can be selected, and the oversized fixture can handle 46mmx66mmx10mm samples.
■ 0-position precision positioning system
The new mechanism sets a new standard for accurate positioning, and the operation is very simple. The red line indicates 0 degree positioning of the sample, and the X/Y axis adjustment is convenient and accurate.
■ Tool holder lateral movement adjustment
Without moving the blade, the full length of the blade can be used, reducing the cost. Three locations are preset according to the standard cassette size: left, center, and right.
■ Special options
Cooled universal sample holder (UCC)
The UCC can be cooled by ice or dry ice to keep the wax in the slice at a low temperature.

Technical Parameters:
• Slice thickness Setting range: 1-60μm
                          Setting values: 1-10μm, progressive 1μm
                                                   10-20μm, Progressive at 2μm
                                                    20-60μm, progressive 5μm
• Slice Thickness Indicator: Window
• Roughing: Manual operation via coarse wheel
• Repair settings: 10μm and 30μm
• Horizontal injection : approx. 30mm vertical distance : 70mm
• Sample retraction : About 60μm can turn this feature off
• Largest sample: width x height x depth 50 x 66 x 30 mm
• Sample orientation: horizontal 8°, vertical 8°
• Instrument size:
Width (including handwheel): 413mm
Deep (including waste slots): 618mm
High (including storage tray): 305mm
Net weight (without accessories): approximately 34kg

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