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Tissue Selected Table

Low noise centrifugal strong exhaust fan: the external odor exhaust system is connected with the external exhaust pipe, which effectively releases formaldehyde gas and ensures no odor in the room.
Imported bone tissue grinder (selection): effective crushing and decomposition of bone tissue and teratoma like lipid materials and avoiding plugging of sewer pipes.
Draw the side spray system: the electric switch controls, draws the material, after the material takes off the cleaning table surface, is advantageous for processing the table dirt, guarantees the table surface to clean.
Hot water system (optional): hot water is allocated according to different areas and different ambient temperatures to ensure that materials are obtained at low temperatures.
Lighting system: built in high brightness, energy saving and environmental friendly fluorescent lamps can ensure sufficient light in rainy season or in dark environment.
Disinfection system: equipped with air disinfection system, after the material is taken, the disinfection system is opened, and the air is sterilized automatically to ensure the effective disinfection of the air and the material table.
Technical parameters (basic type)
Low noise and strong air exhausting machine: 220VAC 50Hz 160W
Bone tissue grinder: selection
Spray switch: 220VAC 50Hz, spray switch using ambient temperature: -5 C ~ 80 C
Water heater (selection)
Lighting system: 220VAC 50Hz 30W
Air disinfection: 220VAC 50Hz 30W
Dimensions: 1600mm x 2000mm x 840mm
Weight: 175KG
Power: 220V + 10% 50Hz
Note: size and size can be customized according to user needs.

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