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The new design of the embedding center enables the flexible, rapid and accurate embedding of tissue samples in paraffin, which can be placed independently or placed in combination to meet individual requirements.
Independent module combination improves work efficiency, connects various modules, and achieves diversity of functions.
Independent storage of used cassettes and embedding molds, storing 350 tissue embedding boxes and 600 embedding bottom molds at a time, ensuring optimal work in the lab during peak hours
Visible actual temperature, set temperature, temperature heating state, constant temperature state
Automatic control of the respective warm-up time and automatic power-on/off time to achieve energy-saving operation requirements
The large-capacity cold bench can hold 110 tissue-embedding cassettes/embedded molds, and is frozen at the same time, providing convenience for rapid slicing.
Ultra-low temperature working surface, cooling capacity can reduce the temperature to -15 °C, and maintain the temperature of the entire surface balanced and stable.
The cold table is perfectly integrated in the machine and can be placed on the left or right side of the Tissue Embedding Machine to meet the different needs of different laboratories.
Six-hole independently heated trays for convenient use of wirelessly connected standard tweezers
The unique Parr sticker cold bench design and LED's innovative lighting system, the cold spot built into the work area is close to the paraffin wax exit, allowing easy and fast sample positioning. This allows you to focus on the embedding of specimen tissue, especially cystic tissue, gastroscopy, and bronchial microarchitecture.

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