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TES 99

The TESS-99 embedding machine adopts the newly designed embedding center, which is flexible, fast and accurate to pack the tissue samples in the paraffin. It can be placed independently and can be put together in order to meet the requirements of individualization.
Independent storage of used cassettes and embedding molds, storing 350 tissue embedding boxes and 600 embedding bottom molds at a time, ensuring optimal work in the lab during peak hours
The large-capacity cold bench can hold 110 tissue-embedding cassettes/embedded molds and perform freezing processing at the same time, providing convenience for rapid slicing.
The unique Parr sticker cold bench design and LED's innovative lighting system, the cold spot built into the work area is close to the paraffin wax exit, allowing easy and fast sample positioning. This allows you to focus on the embedding of specimen tissue, especially cystic tissue, gastroscopy, and bronchial microarchitecture.
The paraffin waxer is directly installed in the Tissue Embedding Machine workbench space, so that the paraffin embedded in the tissue cassette is directly removed during the embedding process, and the plane is trimmed without the need for multiple waxing treatments before slicing.

 Technical parameters
 Temperature Melting wax cylinder 0-100°C
Hot stage 0-100°C
Embedding the tweezers 0-100°C
Left wax tank 0-100°C
Right wax tank 0-100°C
Worktable 0-100°C
Wax dispenser 0-100°C
Small Cold Table -15°C - Room Temperature
Cold Table -25°C - Room Temperature
Wax repair instrument 0-100°C
Tissue storage tank 0-100°C
Mold storage tank 0-100°C
Capacity Wax Tank 6L
Organize storage tank 350 tissue boxes
Mold storage tank 600 embedding mold
Cold bench 110 tissue boxes
Wax pattern touch switch
Foot switch
Menu display Chinese
Switch mode Automatic switch
Cycle switch
Manual switch
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Maximum power consumption 350VA
Weight Organizer 20Kg
Cold bench 28Kg
Heating unit 10Kg
Dimensions Tissue Embedder 570*450*390mm
Cold Table 570*550*390mm
Heating unit 570*300*390mm

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