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TPC-15 Duo

During the operation of the program, freely select the vacuum and pressure to completely dehydrate the tissue.
The TPC15 Duo automatically monitors the concentration and purity of each reagent in the working state. It does not need to replace the reagents all at once. It only needs to replace the display screen to show the reagent cylinder number that needs to be replaced. The remaining reagents continue to be used, dehydrating other organizations. Machine saves 30% of reagents.
When outpatient specimens are quickly organized (completed within 1 hour), 15 cylinders can be selected for full heating and magnetic levitation mixing.
 When the conventional tissue is processed, it is free to choose vacuum, magnetic levitation and stir, choose paraffin cylinder heating, and adjust within the range of       30°C~70°C.
Magnetic levitation mixing adopts the principle of high rotation of the train to accelerate the mixing of the tissue concentration, making the tissue dehydrated, transparent and thoroughly immersed in wax.

Large screen shows detailed description of all relevant data and instrument operation.
Each state program in the running process can be easily seen.
Each station can individually adjust the temperature, and a safe breaker can prevent the sample from overheating. You can start programming from each station. The software's high degree of flexibility allows the program to run during the day, night, or weekend.
By moving the specimen's liquid, this powerful tool provides excellent reliability. It reduces reagents by 30% compared to commercial instruments.
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel surfaces and containers are selected by the user for TPC15 Duo/Trio and all reagents for tissue treatment.

Technical Parameters:
Processing specimen volume:
   TPC15 Duo: 440 specimen box
   TPC15 Trio:660 Specimen Cartridge
   Cylinder capacity: 2.3 litres/cylinder
Reagent concentration measurement point: 15
Stirring: magnetic suspension stirring
Operation: optional soaking time
Procedure: Parameters can be adjusted, each cylinder can store 18 processing programs (15 +3 processing program basket)
Programmable time per station:
   Infiltration time: 5 minutes to 10 hours
   Temperature: +30°C to +70°C Paraffin
   Temperature: +30°C to +50°C Reagent
Free choice of vacuum and pressure during program operation
   Emergency power off system
   Activated charcoal filter drains adsorbed solvent fumes through the exhaust connected to it, each cylinder has a closure cap

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