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● Durable
The ASP300 fully automatic enclosed dewatering machine is made of durable, durable materials and components that are durable and represent the most advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes. Reliability and long-term economics make the ASP300 set a new standard in automatic dewatering machines.
● Comprehensive monitoring and document management
  Equipped with a printer port, all program operations and parameter settings can be recorded.
● Active wax cleaning program
  Simply pressing the touch screen reduces the concentration of soluble impurities in the wax.
● Completely closed aerosol system
  A clever internal gas treatment system can completely trap the exhaust gas inside the machine.
● Improved reagent bottle and bottle cabinet design
  The unique reagent bottle design reliably prevents the transfer of reagents.
● Ergonomic design ensures easy access to parts
  The surface of the wax head and retort head is spacious. It is more convenient to replace wax or dehydrated baskets. The safety lock of the retort head can be operated with one hand, safely open or locked. All user-related functions, work areas and interfaces are very easy to reach.
● External perfusion and emissions enhance user safety
  External priming and evacuation provide contactless reagent handling to enhance user safety.

Main feature
● User interface that is easy to grasp and operate, controlled by a color touch screen that is resistant to reagent corrosion
● Full Chinese interface is more suitable for Chinese customers
Simplified software with context-sensitive online help
● Remote Care Tm system for real-time application and maintenance support
Comprehensive safety system with innovative reagent compatibility detection
● The unique pre-detection function can detect potential failures before the official start-up procedure.
● Control of instrument performance
● External Perfusion and Emission Function
● Enhanced Reagent Management System (RMS)
● Precise temperature control and reagent stirring for fast procedures
● 4 kinds of user-defined cleaning programs
● Active paraffin cleaning procedure
● Two-level password security protection
● Comprehensive file management options
● Solid structure, reflecting first-class technology level

Technical Parameters

● Maximum capacity---The metal dehydrated basket accommodates 300 specimen cassettes
● Maximum capacity---Microwave-resistant plastic dehydration basket holds 252 specimen cassettes
● retort material: stainless steel
● Liquid Level Detection: Optical Sensor
● Dehydration cylinder volume: 4.3 liters
● Paraffin temperature range: 40-65°C
● Actual temperature range: room temperature, 30-55°C
● Accurate temperature: ±1°C
● Emptying the retort: ​​optional (80, 2, 1, 140 seconds), 3 steps
● Vacuum and pressure options: 4 types (V/P, V, P, normal pressure)
  Vacuum: -70KPa(g)
  Pressure: +35KPa(g)
● Repeated circulation stirring (pumping/pumping out)
● Start the first cycle after 12 minutes
  Interval 20 minutes after the second cycle
● Incubation time 0-99 hours, 59 minutes
● Delay end time programmable up to a week
● User can customize 15 programs, each with up to 13 steps
Wax tank
● Number of wax cylinders: 3, directly connected to the retort
● Wax tank capacity: 4.3 liters each
● Average wax melting time: about 10 hours
Reagent bottle
● Number of reagents: 10
● Reagent bottle volume: 4.3 liters each
● Cleaning bottle: 3, another external type 1
● Color touch screen display, solvent resistance
● Reagent management system
● External Perfusion and Emission System
● reagent tray
● 3.5-inch floppy disk drive
● Two external alarm connections
● Parallel printing port
● Serial port

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