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Computer program-controlled tissue dehydrator is a high-tech intelligent device that fixes, dehydrates, transparently immerses and waxes the human tissues, animals and plant tissues.


The organization dewatering machine is connected to the fixed telephone, and the working condition of the dehydrator is known at any time. When the dehydrator has an abnormal operation, the computer will automatically send the error message to the phone or mobile phone, and press the “#” or “☆” according to the voice prompts. Key operation dehydrator, the abnormal state is automatically resolved.
Energy Saving: Powerful self-storage function ensures that the dehydrator works normally in case of power failure (≥16 hours), including the power consumption of the wax tank heater.
The heating system adopts progressive dry heating method. The heater is imported from the United States. The three wax cylinders are heated and controlled respectively, so that the tissue is fully immersed in wax to avoid excessive shrinkage after the tissue is warmed up.
Computer main control box control, automatization and networking. Single-cylinder operation system and temperature control system adopt database processing to ensure accuracy.
The X-axis and Y-axis transmission systems use screw rods, guide rails, etc. The operation is stable and reliable, with accurate positioning and long service life. The
Electric automatic clamshell, plastic molding machine cover, mirror stainless steel table, mirror stainless steel molding kit.
To change the traditional transparent reagents, replace the xylene with the pure natural transparent reagent (TM reagent) produced by the factory and thoroughly remove the carcinogenic substances.
Air environmental protection automatic identification control system: The software automatically determines the harmful gas content and automatically activates the activated carbon filter or smoke extraction and drainage system.

The main technical parameters

Telephone program control converter: 1
Telephone program control data software: 1 set
Reagent cylinder: tissue fixing cylinder: 1
   Tissue retort: ​​6
   Organization transparent cylinder: 2
   Reagent cylinder volume: 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml
Paraffin Bath: Tissue Dip Wax: 3
The first cylinder is recommended to use soft wax 42°C-46°C paraffin
The second cylinder is recommended to use soft wax 52°C-56°C paraffin
The second cylinder is recommended to use hard wax 60°C-62°C paraffin
 The temperature accuracy is ±2°C.
The wax cylinder volume: 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml
Power: 150VA
Number of baskets: 1
Capacity of basket: 80-100, 100-150, 200-300 tissue blocks
Programming: 18 programs
Processing time per cylinder: 99 hours and 59 minutes
Stirring: vertical stirring
Program delay start selection: arbitrary setting
Voltage: 220VAC±10% 50Hz
Volume: 1020×450×480mm

Technical support:八零網絡