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Specimen imaging system

The medical specimen imaging system is a high-quality specimen imaging system designed for the laboratory of anatomy and pathology. The design of optimization and integration provides a smooth and task oriented workflow for specimen image collection. Make case documents easy to operate, professional and orderly management case documents. Focus on one key completion, hand touch image scaling. Batch marking images and sample measurement are easy to complete by several simple steps. Let you easily collect professional grade specimen images in the laboratory.
Technical parameters:
Spotlight: Top halogen spotlight with white balance filtering 11500 lumens, and bulb life for 4000 hours.
Software interface: the standard functions of Path Suite software can be customized to optimize your workflow, automatically naming and filing according to the number of experiments and specimens.
The foot switch controls zoom, focus, image acquisition, real-time image setting, zoom and zoom level, indicator and touch-screen control.
Setting the name prefix
Image format: JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, MacPICT, Windows bitmap, TIFFJPEG and BigTIFF
Save images with or without remarks, pathological books or calibration marks.
Standard calibration markup format: mm/cm (other optional)
Set the section number and batch number format (A1, A2, or 1A, 1B)
Select reset counter for each image or pathology
For operator login, pathology and other specimens login, set up optional bar code scanning.
Field of vision: Max: 28 "X21", minimum 1.75 "x1.3".
Ergonomics Design: joint arm with all functions.
No miscellaneous cable design: all cables are disturbed in vertical columns and joint arms, and the cables are cluttered.
Material: solvent resistant and corrosion-resistant hardened material for laboratory environment. Aluminum and metal stainless steel structures and fasteners are completely washable, surface disinfection
Safety test: independent laboratory safety certification, and comply with the rules of the fifteenth part of FCC and CE EN61326 and 61010-1 standards.
Power requirements: 120-240 watt 5 ampere 47-64hz earth fault circuit interruption power supply
Fuse: 8AMP/240V slow fuse, 5x20mm
Operating environment: 0 -40 C (32 F-104 F) 5-95% relative humidity, non condensing.
Weight: About 60kg
Optional accessories: foot pedal
Bar code scanner
speech recognition
Wireless waterproof keyboard and mouse
Color calibrator for display
Computer configuration
Display: medical level, sealed, washable, all functions of touch screen computer plus display.17 inch LCD, standard resolution 1280*1024.
Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo2.2GHz
Memory: 2GB DDR SDRAM- standard 2DDR SO-DIMM slot, the highest support 4GB
Hard disk: 150GB SATA hard disk
Sound card: integrated sound card
Slots: a mimiPCI
Network: integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet - Standard
Wireless LAN connection - Optional
The built-in I/O port: seven USB2.0 input external hub, 4 USB2.0 ports on the computer two serial /COM ports.
A LAN (10/100/1000)
A DVI port
An VGA supporting an external display
Audio jack (1 lines and 1 lines output)

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