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Mias series of pathological image analysis system is a new generation of highly intelligent medical software, which is developed by Windows2000, which integrates pathological analysis, microscopic image, statistics, archiving and printing. It is reliable and reliable. The system is clear and lifelike in image acquisition, accurate and scientific in measurement, intelligent in image analysis, beautiful in report output and flexible in extension function.

configuration parameter
Mias2000-p1 (basic type)
Hardware configuration:
System host (brand machine)
Monitor (brand machine)
Color camera (JVC 752x582, Japan)
American high resolution image capture card (720x576)
Microscope camera interface (OLYMPUS U-TVIX, U-CMAD, Japan)
EPSON STYUSM PHOTO830.5760dpi (color inkjet printer)
Systematic encrypt dog
Video connection line
OLYMAPUS selection in Japan:
CX31 CX41 BX43 BX53
software configuration
Image capture function
The management function of pathological graphic and text report
The function of the pathological graphic and text report on the inquiry and statistics
Edit function of pathological graphic and text report template
Automatic backup and recovery function of pathological database
The function of image editing, storage and display
Image enhancement function
Color and black-and-white image segmentation
The function of measurement of morphological parameters
The function of cell DNA content determination
The function of immunohistochemical analysis
Image compression function
Photo printing function
Database query and browsing
Anti-virus software
System use manual
System installation disk

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